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Neotropica Foundation

Mission Statement

Neotropica Foundation

Neotropica is a private, non-profit organization that aims to transform existing natural resource management practices in the Neotropics into sustainable practices that protect natural heritage and improve the quality of life for present and future communities.

Travelers Conservation Trust has developed a lasting relationship with Neotropica because of the work they have done for the environment. Neotropica works to achieve its goals by conducting projects in the areas of natural resource management, community development, environmental education and environmental policy.


  • Grande de Tarcoles River Basin Project- For 4 years Neotropica has been compiling research of the Grande de Tarcoles River Basin. Neotropica has established this project in an effort to establish a partnership for action with local governments, the private sector, independent groups and communities to improve the environmental degradation that has been caused by rapid urban development, deforestation, an the use of agricultural chemicals within the watershed.
  • Self-Development of La Gamba Community- Neotropica was able to improve the infrastructure of the school, clinic, and community center in La Gamba and 60 families joined the program to develop plans for financing, technical assistance and training to improve and diversify production systems such as sustainable livestock, ecotourism, and medicinal plants.
  • Tropical Youth Center- In 2002: 200 elementary school children, 45 high school students, and 170 international students visited the Tropical Youth Center. They learned about sustainable development, tropical ecology and received training and technical assistance on socio-environmental subjects.


  • Neotropica Foundation ID card.
  • A subscription to the Neotropica Bulletin, issued every four months.
  • The opportunity to visit Neotropica’s projects in the field.
  • An invitation to the Neotropica Annual Members Gathering.


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