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Mission Statement

Association for the conservation
of Nature (ANCON)

National Association for the conservation of Nature (ANCON) is a private, non-profit organization founded in 1985 by a group of prominent scientists, business and community leaders. ANCON works with public and private organizations, academic institutions, businesses and local communities in its conservation efforts.

The Travelers Conservation Trust has established a relationship with ANCON because of their concrete programs in conservation, sustainable development, environmental education and scientific research.


  • The protection and conservation of 2,200,000 acres of threatened ecosystems. Some of the protected areas include Falconett Property, Punta Patino Natural Reserve, Rio Cabuya Agroforestry, La Pintada Agroforestry, Persenico Agroforestry, and Boca del Drago Agroforestry.
  • Assisted and developed a management plan, trained and equipped park rangers, and posted signs on park boundaries in Darien National Park.
  • Posted signs along park boundaries, trained guides, equipped park rangers, and began a reforestation program in Soberania National Park.
  • Implemented a conservation project on the borders of Chagres National Park and supplied equipment and training for park rangers.
  • The creation of a Natural Preservation Reserve/Historical Monument in Panama City.

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  • Icaro magazine, published in Spanish by ANCON every 3 months.
  • Invitation to participate in volunteer activities.
  • The satisfaction of knowing your contribution has helped to conserve marine biodiversity, and forest ecosystems for present and future generations.


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